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Carole Houk International (CHI) is a conflict resolution firm dedicated to resolving disputes that can occur following unexpected adverse outcomes in healthcare provider settings. These painful events between patient and caregiver often result in extraordinary legal fees and malpractice claim payouts on the part of the provider institution – and irrevocably broken trust between patient and provider.

MEDIC+OMAlthough unexpected adverse healthcare outcomes are sometimes unavoidable, conflict that escalates to the point of litigation and damaged trust is not. The CHI Medical Ombudsman/Mediators™ Program (MEDIC+OM) developed in 2001 is a proven conflict resolution strategy that halts and seven eliminates the negative progression of actions that can conclude in litigation, utilizing the skills of a professional ombudsman/mediator. With thousands of cases resolved by Medical Ombudsman/Mediators at dozens of sites around the country, a quiet "resolution revolution" is taking place amidst the political storm of tort reform and malpractice crises. The CHI MEDIC+OM Program makes possible an honest, open disclosure of events that is respectful of all parties involved, and promotes a culture of safety in healthcare practice.

You've always sensed there was a way to "do the right thing" for your organization, your physicians and your patients regarding unexpected adverse outcomes. Let Carole Houk International help you restore the trust that will bring back the true art of medicine to your community.

About the Photos

The management of conflict involves people sharing, seeing understanding and acknowledging the different views of those at the table before they can move forward. As conflict managers we facilitate that process and in turn it affects how we see the world.

Most of the photos have been taken as I travel for work. Looking at the landscape through different lenses, in different light and angles changes the image. Sometimes the colour of the earth and the rust on a water tank produce a similar image. Each of the pictures on this site is a fusion of the diverse images which make a whole; this is my world.

- Shirli Kirschner
Resolve Advisors Pty Ltd